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Checks should be payable to Starflower Experiences and mailed to:

Starflower Experiences
13 Birch St
Wyandanch NY 11798

Barn Raising at Manor Farm

We need more space to run programs at Manor Farm and would love to build/rebuild a "barn". Can you help?

Support for Rangers of the Earth in Wyandanch

This is our 16th year offering this program to young people in Wyandanch and we'd like very much to continue doing so--as well as involve these young people in extra trips/Earth Explorers for the summer. More info here.

We have started a school garden at the Milton L Olive Middle School in Wyandanch. We need garden tools (trowels, shovels, garden rakes, gloves, tomato cages and stakes). We'd also like support for our middle school summer garden internship where young people are working in the garden, eating and cooking with produce from the garden, and learning about gardening and nutrition.

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