Starflower's Experiences

Starflower Experiences offers a number of different experiences for school-age youngsters. All of our programming is age-specific and goal-oriented. We understand how kids learn and so our experiences are fun and interesting as well as motivating.

Our in-school presentations include: Our outdoor programs include: Our summer adventures include: DeShauna receives her K key from Marcia

Save the Trashasaurus

  1st - 3rd graders
  30 minutes
  helps students learn to make less trash

Bucket Bug

"Save the Trashasaurus" is a participatory puppet show for grades 1-3. The Trashasaurus is a dinosaur-like creature who is suffocating under all our trash. A rap song ("the Trashasaurus Chorus") teaches that some ways to help the Trashasaurus (and ourselves) are to "use up old things and don't waste new" and to "recycle stuff so it comes back new."

After each presentation, the teachers are left with follow-up booklets for their students to be used as a tool to reinforce the points made in the presentations as well as encouraging students to make a commitment to make less trash. Each class also receives a large wall chart to help keep track of their promises and those youngsters who really keep them are rewarded. This presentation is designed to hook the interest of this particular age group and deal with the understandings that are appropriate for that level.

St Anne's students are Friends of the Trashasaurus Second graders at St. Anne's School in Garden City all kept their promises to help the Trashasaurus

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"Here Comes the Water Patrol"

      3rd - 4th graders
      30 minutes
      Helps students begin to use less water

This presentation will help students: 1) understand the water cycle, 2) realize that, here on Long Island, our water supply is underground, and 3) know why and how to use less water. Students will giggle when they walk into the room and laugh right through this presentation as they get to help the Water Patrol haunt someone's dreams. What follows is a lively scene as they travel through the water cycle, talk with water drops and think about ways to avoid wasting water. And we'll leave them with a challenge to start looking for ways to decrease their own water consumption and to share what they've learned with others.

Water Patrol

Visit our new Water Patrol web page for kids!

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Rangers of the Earthtm

These exciting programs are intended for 10-11 year olds and the outdoor components will now be moved to Manor Farm in Elwood (Huntington). For more about these programs, click on the words above.

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Nature's Way

       2nd - 3rd graders
       Full week for a small group
       Based at Manor Farm
       Focuses on understanding our plant and animal neighbors and how they interact

Youngsters who follow Nature's Way will begin their expedition each day at our headquarters at Manor Farm where they will be involved in games and challenges to better understand their natural neighbors. Then they'll set off along "Nature's Way" in the woodlands of the adjacent Berkeley Jackson County Park where they'll have the chance to practice and apply their new understandings as well as learn to appreciate the natural beauty of this area. Finally, participants will come to see how they can help the plants and animals that live together and depend on each other in natural communities.

Download a registration flyer here for this summer: Nature's Way Summer 2016

Summer 2013:
Needs Bingo

Needs Bingo
exploring along 'Nature's Way'

Exploring along 'Nature's Way'
plant part puzzles

Putting together plant part puzzles

Trying some earth colors

Trying some earth colors along 'Nature's Way'
Animal family photo albums

Working on animal family photo albums
playing the game of life

Playing the game of life

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       4th or 5th graders
       Half day outdoor component
       An outdoor site with forest, field and fresh water marsh communities
       Focuses on the ecological concept of community

Ecodefenders logo

Ecodefenders starts in the classroom with pre-trip preparation that helps students find out where they get some of the things they need to live (such as air, water, food). We then meet the class at an outdoor site where they are introduced to a natural community in a sensory-awakening way and then become plants or animals looking for homes in a natural community. When the marsh "residents" find out that the marsh has become a field and they can no longer live there, all the kids go to "court" where Judge Mopner helps them figure out if any of the former marsh residents can meet their needs in the field or forest communities. Once back at school, their teachers work with ecodefender "patrols" to design and carry out projects that will help to defend their community (work on saving water, not polluting air...). The activities used, an Earthwalk and "Home Sweet Home" were designed by The Institute for Earth Education. . The Institute for Earth Education

Mrs. Peck takes a 'whiff'

Mrs. Peck takes a 'whiff' at Southaven County Park
The 'mayor' greets students from Tangier Smith School

The 'mayor' greets Mrs. Peck's class from Tangier Smith School

the jury listens to the evidence...

The jury listens to the evidence...

Judge Mopner at court

Judge Mopner helps a defendent
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Earth Explorers

      For Earthkeepers & Apprentice Earthkeepers
      For Earth Rangers & Earth Ranger trainees
      Exploring natural places and lifestyles

Only those youngsters who have or are participating in the Earthkeepers and Rangers of the Earth programs are invited to join in on these adventures. Earth Explorers takes place in July the week after our Earthkeepers summer session. This "camp" sesson includes exploring the woods near Manor Farm, takes a look at some lifestyle elements and visits other natural communities. The exploring adventures can help youngsters complete some of their individual tasks from the Earthkeepers program.

Oyster Bay
Sniggling at the Waterfront Center
  In 2014, we went sniggling and seining at the Waterfront Center in Oyster Bay, followed the stream in Welwyn Preseve, learned about energy audits, visited an organic farm, and spent a rainy day learning about the alewives coming back to the Carll's River. The advanced group visited a couple small community gardens in Brooklyn, toured the Queens Botanic Garden's LEED building, and kayaked on the Carmens River.
2015 dates
Earth Explorers: July 13-17
(and Advanced for those in 6th grade and above June 29-July 2)

we followed the stream in Welwyn Preserve
Welwyn Preserve

our older group toured the LEED building at the Queens Botanic Garden
Queens Botanic Garden

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