Rich helps campers connect into the 'web of life'
       10 & 11 year olds (4th grade in the spring or 5th grade)

       Three full days at our Earthkeepers Training Centre for schools

       Five days at our Earthkeepers Training Centre in the summer (includes an 'Earth Exploring' day 2014)

       Helps learners gain some basic ecological understandings, appreciate, and care for the natural world

       An internationally known program being run at numerous sites around the world

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We think Earthkeepers is one of the most exciting environmental learning experiences in the world. Students come to our Earthkeepers Training Centre for 3 consecutive full days (or 5 days in the summer) where they will visit Mama Nature's Munch Room, meet a "spec," and dig up a buried time capsule. They are rewarded for their tasks with special keys which open real locks on boxes that contain secret meanings about the true nature of E.M. The mysterious E.M. (pronounced "em") is the keeper of the keys, an unseen character who loves to share the marvels and mysteries of the natural world with others in special ways. The program and the excitement aren't over after this initial component; students must complete their training and earn their final keys back at home and school. As Earthkeepers, students will understand how life functions ecologically and know that they are both a part of our environmental problems and their solutions. Earthkeepers was designed by The Institute for Earth Education.

Starflower Experiences runs one of the few Accredited Earthkeepers sites in the world! In addition to this first level, we will offer Earthkeepers Level II training and we've had several youngsters go on to Level III training at an Earthkeepers Training Centre in western Pennsylvania. Earthkeepers and Apprentice Earthkeepers are invited to join us for Earth Explorers and Exploring Adventures during the year.

In December 2012, Sweet Hollow Hall in West Hills County Park burned down. This was our Earthkeepers Training Centre since 1992! We made temporary arrangements to run this program at Manor Farm in 2013, but we will need help to move toward a permanent solution.

sharing a 'whiff' Sharing a 'whiff'

Earthkeepers '14

Using a Munch Tray Using a Munch Tray

Recording the Song of Summer Recording the Song of Summer

Crossing paths with a Box Turtle following E.M.'s Diary
Crossing paths with a Box Turtle following E.M.'s Diary
Summer 2016

Earthkeepers Level I: July 5-8
    9:00 am - 3:00 pm, $200
Earth Explorers July 11-15
    9:00 am - 3:00 pm, $275
    both weeks, $450

The 2016 registration flyer is available here. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to access this file. It will appear on your screen and you can save or print it. 2016 Earthkeepers Registration Flyer

For further information or to have a registration flyer snail mailed to you, please email us at or phone us at 516-938-6152.

Earthkeepers Level II

Getting inside a 'food factory' Getting inside a giant leaf

Holding a funeral for a leaf Holding a funeral for a leaf

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